Unmutating vowels

As mutated vowels being broken when imported or exported breaks our use-case, I need a manual solution.

My idea was to create two buttons, one to unmutate, and one to mutate back vowels, namely replace:

  • ä → ae
  • ö → oe
  • ü → ue

This way, I could unmutate, export, mutate back.

Theoretically I could do this with ReplaceRegex:

ReplaceRegex([Step 1 Kontakt].Vorname,“[üÜ]”,“ue”)

Problem is, I would need to create 3 actions (ä, ö, ü) each for every field. Sounds painful.

A) Does the formula field allow multiple replacements at once? I.e. can I ReplaceRegex all ä, ö, and ü with 1 action?

ReplaceRegex([Step 1 Kontakt].Vorname,“[üÜ]”,“ue”) and ReplaceRegex([Step 1 Kontakt].Vorname,“[öÖ]”,“oe”)

Doesn’t work.

If not possible, any chance someone could help me out with a script to replace multiple fields at once?

I think you can just nest the regexes, e.g.

ReplaceRegex(ReplaceRegex([Step 1 Kontakt].Vorname,“[üÜ]”,“ue”),“[öÖ]”,“oe”)

and so on.

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Ah great, thanks yet again Chris!