Trello reference in task app installer

Hi - when you go to install Tasks app, it mentions:

Extremely simple task tracker. This is not where Fibery shines. Use Trello instead.

Can you explain this a bit? Does it mean it will not be possible to get to Trello’s level using Fibery?

It is definitely possible, but if Trello is enough for your needs, then it is better to just use Trello.


@mdubakov there can too much time to have webhook input web hook out put , , all not easy fibery integrated work .If i am not correct your answer do not mean fibery task app super simplified easy to use .
There is need fibery shine too as project , task is work managments , may be in version1, as all other app becpme useless without task based , or wok flow based , no user story , just type in doc , copy ,publish as wiki doc

To make this point very clear see my beta test web app here
@mdubakov @Shafqat_Ullah @antoniokov @alex

The app relations show very well project , task as key top above all
Thus there is need ateast fibery make it clear before this good question , a better answer as the better questine is shining or not , as it make many future fuzy , not wish to say confused .

Thereis need to make fibery shine too before in 2 work flow of task and project related to retrospectives app to via 02 cases of report views
1, simple project track via siimplifed project active one or project closed
2. kanban project track as already simplifed user friendly , fiberly shines too , my be not the level of trello , asana .Indeed task project list talsk all are not easy too many users , too many vaiables one easily get lost

Thus ther is an need to task and lista task activity based report , user story buiding UX view all inter related unlike isolate many seperated app , now shine well

@rickcogley very good questions , surely can help fibery shines well in future , if we user can make etity , types many feaures too , inviting you to my beta test app to see domain ettitity flow sheet , undertand top to bootom all project based so that user report dash board need to be based on not on left menu nsased , but can be atomated .
inorder you see , why foberly do not shine see there not much entity is not there , mor entity , type mor problem to het reporty less usefule the app iis
send your email to inorder to make posible you view the app view my beta test if wish too see and think , understand the isue you bothered about
Good app

Need help from our community some better project app than trello that are as simple as fibery , but also shines well with minium essential features as well cited here by @mdubakov a there are 300 project app , every day the list grow too