Tracking 2 timelines together

I would like to be able to see 2 different timeline views on the 1 page and have them follow each other when scrolled, see below for the type of view im looking to “sync” scrolling together

Any response to this? i would love to be able to lockthe 2 timelines togther so they track date scrolling and zoom levels

Are you talking about two embedded timeline views in the same document?
Why do you specifically need two views? Can you not achieve the desired outcome by showing two databases on the same single timeline?

Yes i essentially need to see 2 data bases on the same timeline but i need them split as one if them has hundreds of entries and would be impossible to navigate past them. as you can see fro the example image i need to see all the events in the top section and then all the associated Crew (people) that are assigned to 1 or many events. i need to see their availablility to know if they have free time.

Ok, I understand your need.
To be honest, I think it is unlikely that this functionality will be added any time soon - the views in a document are basically rendered independently, and I think the technical challenges of syncing them is probably too much.

However, the issue you mentioned about having too many rows to reasonably visualise at once, thus preventing you from using a single view seems like something that should be thought about. Off the top of my head, it’s almost as though a timeline view needs to support a ‘split-screen’ approach, with two sections (one above the other) each with its own scrollbar.
I think this too is unlikely to be implemented any time soon I’m afraid, but it might be marginally more likely than syncing two independent views.

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Yes a split-screen timeline would be perfect.
Essentially when you add another database to the timeline have an option for a second section

But i know that is probably a long way away.