toText(date) format


is there a way to easily add a format to an output of a date? for example something like this: ToText(Date, ‘YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm’)

I use start-dates with time for meetings and want that in the name.

what i do now is:
ToText(Year(Date.Start())) +
“-” +
ToText(Month(Date.Start())) +
“-” +
ToText(Day(Date.Start())) +
" - " +
ToText(Hour(Date.Start())) +
“-” +

but the output is not as expected as single digit days and month are just single digits and not converted to “01” from “1” for january for example

any tip is welcome! :slight_smile:

Not easily, sorry!

But in general you can zero-pad by doing the following

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its really not the most simple solution, but better than nothing. now i have to dig through the doc about UTC … cause this is also something playing me here now)

I read the docs on UTC but it’s not making sense in my situation. Everything seems 18 hours skewed but I’m only UTC -6. Besides which I imported a CSV with times in UTC. No conversion should’ve happened. But it did… If you’ve made any sense of it, please do share. Because I need to make sure I’m re-importing 18 datasets correctly when I do…

6 hours backward is the same as 18 hours forward.

If you use CSV import, Fibery will treat the dates as though they are in the timezone of the browser used during the import.

So if you import 09:15 it will assume that you mean 09:15 local time.

If you just need to bulk correct a large dataset, create a temporary formula field which corrects any offset, then copy the results of the formula field into the original fields (easiest by using copy paste on a table view).
Then you can delete the formula field