Tools for Teams to track

Here is a list of tools for teams I personally like:


Notion is a leader in this space so far. Sure, it has some problems, like poor connections between databases and poor backlinks. But overall Notion is moving in the right direction as a tool and as a company. They have pretty good chances to fulfill their mission (if they’ll re-write backend, maybe they already did it, not sure :).

Innos Note
Multi-panel navigation works like a charm, bi-directional links are already solid and transclusions are there! Data organization is not so good. Discussions are quite useless. Interesting tool for knowledge sharing!


Looks interesting, a mix of Notion+Roam+Linear. Two-panel navigation is nice. Speed is nice. Lacks databases. May fit small projects. But the project management side is weak so far. Note-taking and links are good though.


Thanks, @mdubakov Michael for sharing these! I stumbled upon Innos on Twitter and wanted to check if it was already mentioned here. even looks more interesting to me.

Just curious, these are tools you personally like. But do you also use them? Or are they just sources of inspiration/ideas on building a better Fibery?

Delibr is also doing some interesting things:

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I try to review every new tool in this space. I don’t use them, just review from time to time to spot new ideas and learn from them :slight_smile:

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I checked it out. I liked some type of blocks, like Pro / Cons / Decision - they help to create better specs. Jira integration looks good.

I disliked images insertion, they are too small and it makes docs harder to read.

Overall nothing new so far, well-implemented block editor + Jira integration :slight_smile:


Yeah, exactly. I thought the idea of using bullets/outliner, but adding unique types of bullets/blocks was interesting and cool. And the Jira integration as they handle it is nice, it’s Fibery-like as far as in-line linking and functionality. Indeed nothing truly new, but a unique take on productivity using a different mashup of current approaches.

This is where “slavish” adherence to bullet points/outliner becomes problematic, heh. One of the many reasons I don’t like strict outliners.

The application cannot be accessed yet. But on the landingpage, the main features of the application are described.

It is clear that this is not a competitor to Fibery. But, in my opinion, it is worth keeping an eye on him. They have non-standard ideas.

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An interesting thing has emerged about Innos Note. It turns out that this is the development of the Lark Suite (ByteDance), built on their code base.

So it is worth watching directly for the Lark Suite. The solutions tested in Innos Note can be scaled there. Bitables, Docs and Wikis in Lark Docs are interesting right now.


It turns out that there is already a working analogue of this application. Here you can already register and test live.


Another software to my personal “piggy bank” −

The bunch of Documents and Whiteboards with each other is well implemented. Each element on the board is also a block, just like in Docs. It has its own address and can be referenced.

Working with structured data is still poorly organized. But there is a mode of joint work, respectively, they will develop the functionality. Team workspaces" are already available in the closed beta.

To understand the beauty of the solution, I advise you to read the article from the developer − Clover – Space: Nature’s Tool for Thought

I looked through a huge number of services, nowhere is there full-fledged work with text on the canvas. Only in Clover.

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