Tools for Teams to track

Here is a list of tools for teams I personally like:


Notion is a leader in this space so far. Sure, it has some problems, like poor connections between databases and poor backlinks. But overall Notion is moving in the right direction as a tool and as a company. They have pretty good chances to fulfill their mission (if they’ll re-write backend, maybe they already did it, not sure :).

Innos Note
Multi-panel navigation works like a charm, bi-directional links are already solid and transclusions are there! Data organization is not so good. Discussions are quite useless. Interesting tool for knowledge sharing!


Looks interesting, a mix of Notion+Roam+Linear. Two-panel navigation is nice. Speed is nice. Lacks databases. May fit small projects. But the project management side is weak so far. Note-taking and links are good though.

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