Starting my own company using Fibery! :)

Hi fellow fiberians!

Glad to be here! I am Jasper from the Netherlands. I am starting first company here, called “Bear”. It’s still a work in progress, so I won’t be disclosing yet what I will be doing :wink: (though I can disclose that I am not coming from the note taking app on :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). But what I will tell you, is that I will be building my digital notebook system here at Fibery for the professional stuff that I need to manage and grow! :smiley:

I have been using Notion for some months now and it has been great. I came from Evernote and so Notion opened so many possibilities. However, now that I have had a taste of freedom I feel some limitations that are not necessary, and now that I am starting my own company I feel like I have to choose the place that really fits my needs and where I can stay for years. To me, Fibery seems to be that place. Of course, compared to Notion Fibery has (as of now) an underdog status (in terms of numbers of users), but I bet that that could change (I really do), and I’d like to vote with my time, presence and money! :smiley:

Why I chose Fibery, so far (I am sure that there will be other good stuff):

  • Strong database system with easy relationships. That is the most important thing to me.
  • Charts!
  • Whiteboards!
  • Workflows!
  • API!
  • Great humor! I love people who can be self-critical (in a funny way) and confident at the same time!
  • Progress despite trouble in Belarus. Speaks to me of great vision and character. I hope that things will work out well.

As a fellow human being, I wish everyone of the team well throughout this time! I hope you will do well and that things become stable again, take care! And as a customer, I look forward to using your product and seeing your development, and I hope and trust that we will make each other happy! :wink:

Kind regards,



Good luck with the new company, Jasper. Hope you find fibery to be the right tool for your needs. Let us know if we can help… :slight_smile:

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Welcome! I wholeheartedly agree with the advantages you outline, and your choice of Fibery. I still use Notion, but only for personal stuff. I know the Fibery team is not oriented toward that kind of use, so I am expecting to stay in Notion for awhile. But truth be told I hope I can “do it all” in Fibery one day, even if it not designed for personal stuff, the tools and functionality it has are getting closer and closer to a good fit for my needs. Just need more capability in “wiki” and dashboard stuff…

Anyway, I digress. Welcome again, and good luck with your new company! I am curious to hear more about it some time. In fact I’d love to know more details about what kinds of businesses everyone here is running. I’ll open a separate topic about that. :smiley:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I am also doing some things on Notion as well, not sure whether I also want to do my personal things here. I think once you have the functionality that you mention then it would be a fit for me as well. And one extra thing: connecting apps between workspaces.

Good to talk about our companies (ideas and plans). I saw the thread that you started, planning to reply to that soon :wink:. However, as of right now, I am still in a very early phase, still in the process of making it clear to myself what I will do before I can share it with the world. Otherwise you will need a very long and slow elevator if you want to hear my pitch as of this moment :laughing:

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Thank you for your support! Good luck with your company, I hope Fibery will help :slight_smile:

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