The luxury problem

Just wondering if any of you have noticed this.

When you have a single source of truth that you efficiently re-use everywhere through referencing, at some point you end up not really writing new entries, but rather just create new entities containing references.

At this point, the one “mandatory” field Name becomes virtually useless and actually just cause extra work to fill in?

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Soon you will be able generate name automatically using a formula. We are working on that. (If I got the problem right)


Indeed, I often encounter a situation where all the meaning of an entity is contained in its relations and some non-text fields, and therefore yes, the Name field is redundant.
As an example, for the test management app that I developed, I have a type called Test Execution, which is a record of: when a Test Case was executed, by whom, the step results and the overall outcome (pass/fail). There is no sense giving it a ‘name’ per se, but because the name field is the handle for other entities to refer to, it ends up being a sort-of summary of all the other fields/relations, e.g. “Test Case #1, 2020-10-13, Pass”
Off course, the auto name option that Michael has said is coming is the nicest solution :slight_smile: