"Synced blocks" or "transclusion" with Headers, but not the way you want it 😄

I just discovered what I think is an unintentional “transclusion” or “synced blocks” (Notion term) feature, er issue. I copied an H3 and the bullet point contents below it from one page to another. Then on the source page I Collapsed the H3 and… to my surprise the H3 on the destination page also collapsed! I didn’t realize what was happening at first so I expanded it, only to find (of course) the one on the source page got expanded as well. Then I copied the Anchor Links of each and, although they had different page “paths” in the URL, their IDs were the same, which probably explains this behavior. If it worked more fully and indicated a “synced block” (and let you navigate to other instances) I’d almost be tempted to call it a feature, but for now it’s a bug. :wink: