Support for Right to Left Languages

As of now, there is no support for RTL languages.
Althought it its possible to chane the direction of titles of entities to show fron right to left using ctrl + shift, when it comes to documents and reach text field even this insufficient workaround is not possible.
This makes it virtually impossible to use documents and reach text fields for anything other than very simple things. Any time you need to write in both rtl and ltr languages on the same line, the line becomes impossible to read. And if you write only in a rtl language, writing is just a poor experience.

Every place it is possible to write it should be also possible to show the content from right to left.
Moreover, it should be possible to save the direction of every line of text (if blocks are implemented, maybe it is a better idea to change and save the text alignment on the block level. Nevertheless, it should be possible to save the alignment of the text at some level, whether at the block level or line level).
By “saving the alignment of the text” I mean that whenever a user saves some text, fibery will also same metadata about the text indicating its direction.

One usecase I encountered where this behavior is a real deal breaker is the email integration. Since metadata every email contain is generated automatically when the email is sent, if it contains any combination of words from rtl and ltr languages, when the email is presented in fibery its metadata is unreadable. And as the metadata is autogenerated, the user can’t even do something about it.

It will be a shame if users using rtl languages will not be able to use many great features fibery has (like email integration) simply because of the text alignment.