SUMIF for certain transactions in a metric

Hi there!

I’m still new to Fibery but loving it so far :slight_smile:

I’m trying out a table of all transactions. But each transaction is in a different account, handled by someone else. So in my table, I have a column for the date of each transaction, info about it, and a column “Dollars Received” (how much we got), and “Dollars Spent” (how much we spent), and we also have a single-select to choose the name of the person who is holding onto that money. I want to calculate how much money that person is holding, looking at all transactions. So I’m trying to do this, to create a metric in a report:

=SUMIF([Dollars Received]-[Dollars Spent],[WhoseAccount] = “John”)

But it’s not working, with a red error at the =“John”

I can’t find the syntax for this and if this isn’t possible, is there another way I could achieve the same? It doesn’t need to be in a report or a metric, I just need to see how much money each person has, after adding up all the rows (transactions).

Thank you :slight_smile:

If this is a formula in a report view, it could just be that you need double equals sign:
[WhoseAccount] == “John”

(unfortunately, the formula syntax in reports is different to that used in formula fields)

This worked perfectly! Thank you !!! :slight_smile: