Suggestion to create a directory of Fibery users. With self-registration in it

This can most likely be done right in Discourse. You just need to add new fields in the user profile. And a normal profile search.

The essence of the idea

Out-of-the-box process templates and workspaces are a great helper for small product companies. Since formalization of processes is one of the main problems in the creation and growth of a company.

But I propose to go further.

The same process can be very different and have its own subtleties depending on the segment in which the company operates:

  • Development of SaaS services or software development for equipment.
  • Product for the B2C market or for the B2B market.
  • Service for one city or service for the whole region.
  • Training program for schoolchildren or training for top managers.
  • and etc…

Niches seem to be similar, but the processes will be different.

If companies from one segment have been the opportunity to:

  • find and communicate with each other, and
  • to discuss how they set up the same processes in Fibery,

That will be a good development of the idea of ready-made templates.

Thought is actually as old as the world :laughing: But very relevant.

If you think a little, then in the “Template Library” you can show:

  • Which company is using this template (with their consent).
  • Which user is ready to discuss this or that template.

The main thing here is that there will be a self-service system. No need to create and track dozens of topics in the community.

Well, and the most important idea is that it will be necessary to convey information through all channels that the opportunity for discussion has appeared. Register now!

I think not all users use Discourse :0)

I think you mean Discourse, not Discord, right? (Discourse is what this forum runs on) If so, yes, but I think the Groups feature, with self-registration for the groups, might be a good way to do this. You could of course also use Custom Fields, but the Industries people are likely to be in (at least macro industries/industry categories) will be similar and probably best pre-defined to some degree. This prevents very similar but different terms being used, e.g. “Software Development” vs. “Software Dev”, etc. and allows for dedicated discussion areas for those groups, if desired. Or just finding people based on their group affiliation.

Yes: 0) I just confused how exactly the forum engine is called. In our region, it is not very popular.

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I’ve been vaguely thinking that if I ever start looking for a new workplace, one criterion might be somewhere that uses Fibery, so a directory of Fibery users would be useful in that regard.