🌎 Suggestion: Google Maps Integration or Similar Map View

We’re creating projects that incorporate addresses, geological coordinates, and so on.

It would be interesting and very helpful to incorporate an “extension” that adds Google Maps or Similar and the ability to use multi-select to add “points” to areas on said map. Also, the ability to link those points to other entities.

I can see non-profit, travel, events teams, and many more using this feature. Airtable and Clickup have this through extensions and Jira through third parties.



You will probably find some useful discussion of essentially the same idea in this prior thread:

If you have some specific use cases I’d suggest adding them there. However I do still think this is outside the scope of Fibery itself and probably best handled as an extension (as it is in most other systems, as you point out).


Agreed. This may be useful, but would love to see the team prioritizing a range of other stuff before this need. Seems it’s most useful to teams that have some physical location needs, not sure how many small - to - mid-sized Product teams fit that description.

Astute commentary as always @Oshyan!

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Agree with the commentary here an on my thread. But as you know I’m biased on this :wink:

I thought I add that even adding a map view within Vizzdrop would make a huge difference. As far as I’ve seen, map views are standard in data visualization platforms. Using text boxes to store lat/long would work (as long as the visualization type supports it) but obviously an actual lat/long field would make things even better.


Vizydrop seems like the right place to implement this, good point!

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Any thoughts or updates on this? @Polina_Zenevich

Gmaps integration would be a great feature.

After closing Google Fusion tables it’s a big problem to find a non-coding app which could geocode your database

It is always good when the team can reply to requests. However I would say this is relatively far outside the scope of needed features for most “product teams”, and since this is their core focus for the next 3+ months, I wouldn’t expect to see any geo features for some time. I continue to feel it would be best handled as a plugin, and they do have an API which could make it possible (I may be wrong, it may not be powerful/flexible enough, I’m not a coder).

@Oshyan was totally right - currently, we are focusing on Product Team development and our upcoming integrations will be Zendesk and one of the CRM ones (Hubspot may be, not a promise).

Anyway, that idea is noted and once it would rise in the Product Teams concept - will be glad to dive deeper into this feature :slight_smile:

I can see non-profit, travel, events teams, and many more using this feature.

This is totally not our focus and would be glad to know certain cases - there are some workarounds and would be nice to see, whether they can work :wink:

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I think one solution might be achievable if we are able to embed iframes into documents:

Through some magic on integromat, in might be possible to create carto maps from fibery data and then have them visible inside a fibery document. Not the nicest setup but I thought this is just another use for embedding content.

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Here’s a useful add-on - Google Maps for Jira.

It allows:

  • Add geolocation for every issue;
  • If the address doesn’t exist, use geocoordinates to add location markers (e. g. 40.68925, -74.04451).
  • Set and view geolocation for each issue on Issue View Tab;
  • Ability to view a location name, place (in the format you have used when entering), accurate geocoordinates whenever you need;
  • Use all Google Maps features for interaction (zoom/drag, change map type, and click markers to reveal more information).