Suggestion for App Dashboard / Hierarchy View from left Menu

But… what, exactly, does this mean. And particularly, what does it mean that is different than what Notion can do, or what Fibery will be able to do once full blocks functionality and e.g. table embeds are available? If you could basically just literally create/pick a page that would be shown to non-admins when clicking on a Space (and for admins there’d be a button that linked to it for editing, along with all current Space editing functions), then what need is not met, in your view?

Not that I necessarily disagree with doing this, but I also want to point out that doing away with spaces is not a requirement for handling things in the way I’ve described. Maybe that’s where the misunderstanding is coming from?

This is a super important point: the argument for Spaces is in good part their use as an organizational and navigation primitive/metaphor. But that breaks down significantly when they can’t really be used very much by normal, non-admin users.