Sort in Smart folder

Hi all,

We have a smart folder where every week, month, quarter and year a new entity is displayed and the old entity is hidden. But every time an entity is linked/disconnected, the order changes.

We thought we could solve this by creating a single select in each database with a default number. This way we can determine the order. But unfortunatelly this doesn’t work. It seems like only sorting on name works

It looks like you can only sort by name, but that’s not an option with us. Is there a workaround or is this a bug?


@Chr1sG do you maybe have a solution?

For sorting on ‘All Databases’ it should be possible to use any field which is present in all databases. So if they all have a number field with the same name, then this option should be available.
As far as I can tell, the field you are trying to sort on (Volgorde) is not a number field, but single-select fields that have been added to each database. In this case, the select options are effectively sorted by rank, which will not necessarily be the order you are expecting.
It might sound odd, but imagine that one of the dbs had the options 5,4,3,2,1 and another had options 3,5,7 and another had options 1,1,1,a,b
The sorting of these options (when combined) will be a little unpredictable(!) and may depend (amongst other things) on the order in which the options are created.

Ah, that’s awesome. Changed the Single Select into a number field and it worked. :tada:

The reason why we had chosen single select is that you can set a default option. But all menu items are created via an automation, so we can also set a number field. So this works perfectly!