Single field to RichText

How to pass the value of multiple Single fields to the RichText field one by one on one line with a Button inside the same database?

I tried it through Overwrite. There I specified:
{{Database.SingleField1}}, {{Database.SingleField2}}.

But it didn’t work.
Instead of field values, it inserts empty.
Although the result of the script shows “Button to Completed”.

Any idea how this can be solved? Thank you in advance.

If you have database A related to database B (many-to-one or one-to-one) you should be able to reference the content of fields in a linked B entity by using {{LinkFieldName.FieldName}}
where LinkFieldName is the name of the relation field (as viewed from A database) and FieldName is the name of the property field in the B database.
But FieldName needs to be ‘primitive’ i.e. a date/text/number field

When referencing a plain Text field within the same DB as the the Rich Text target, this syntax works for me (using the Rich Text “Overwrite” Action)

{{Text Field Name}}

Thank you. Useful information.
As to the question. I have everything in one database. It’s about transferring data within one database and one entity from one field to another.

Please tell me about your example
{{Text Field Name}}

‘Text’ is about what?
‘Field’ - it’s clear
The ‘Name’ is the name of the entity from which we take the value of the Single field?

I found a solution. But it is too cumbersome. I would be very glad if something more succinct came along.

Create a duplicate Text field for each Single field. In automation, set rules for each value of the Single field, so that the Text field will have an identical text value. Then we will add the value of the Text field to RichText, using {{Text}} syntax with a button.

I tried the solution from this article.
But it doesn’t work at all in Markdown syntax.

If you just want to add the values from single select field(s) to a rich text field, you can use

where Select1/2 are the names of the fields.


That’s exactly what I need. Thank you very much! :wink: :+1:

The entire string “Text Field Name” is just the Name of a Text field in the DB, used here as an example.

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Tried this. It came up empty ))
Chr1s solution worked :wink:

What if the FieldName field is not ‘primitive’ ? If the field type is SingleSelect. How to get the value of this field in another database? I tried the {{{DB.Field.Name}}} syntax. It expectedly did not work))))). Relation — Many-to-one.

Do you mean that you have two DBs (1 and 2) and DB2 has a select field whose value you want get into a rich text field in DB1?

Assuming there can only be (max) one DB2 entity linked to each DB1 entity, then you should be able to just use

where FieldNameForDB2 is how the DB2 entity relation is named (when looking from DB1 entity) and FieldNameForSelect is the field name for the select field in DB2

That’s exactly what I tried. I get the following response:
[object Array]

«one DB2 entity linked to each DB1 entity» — Yes

Maybe you can share some screenshots/video (entity view, db view etc.) to show your specific set up, because I checked that it works for me.

If it works for you, then I probably did something wrong. I’ll check it out. If anything, I’ll send screenshots to support.
Thanks for the feedback :ok_hand: