Show empty pinned fields only on hover

Feature proposal: Only show empty pinned field when hovering over the title area.

Example of how empty pinned fields (which are needed to be filled in, thus cannot be removed as pinned field) are cluttering the top of my page:

How it looks when we implement the feature and don’t hover over it:

It’s not a bad idea to consider, but in your example, if a user wants to click on Yuri to change the value, as their mouse pointer reaches the pinned fields area, the field they want to change will suddenly move to a different location.
This could be rather frustrating, so I’m not therefore sure that this is the ideal UI.

If, as an alternative to avoid this, the empty fields are all pushed to the end of the set of pinned fields, then there could be movement of fields as they change from empty to filled, plus it won’t be possible to adhere to a user’s preferred field order.