September 2019 Results

TLDR: Domain evolution is done. Notifications are done. Actions Buttons are done. Fall is free :mushroom:. Creators! Polishing is terrified :snail:. Nevertheless, we will go public in November :muscle:.

Reading this update made me anxious, because, what we are looking for is exactly a work management system that is “better than trello” like you mentioned @mdubakov. Does it mean I should give up?

What we’d like to do at launch is:

  • task management with kanban (eventually we’d like the ability to have “pure” kanban WIP limits, and “definition of done” per state, but it’s not a showstopper if it is not there at first
  • editable, groupable spreadsheet view of tasks - I see how we can build a filter into a board, so, we can presumably then filter on Client or Contract SOW as needed, but sheet view does not have this. So while we could have baked in boards like “Alpha Co Board” or “Beta Co Board”, we’re stuck with the ad hoc filter at the upper right, which is fiddly when you’re trying to filter on some aspect quickly. Also it would be great if sheet view could show the hierarchy (Like Client -> Contract -> SOW A -> Tasks), especially thinking about wanting a view of all client tasks.
  • have the ability to enter multiple time entries per task
  • be able to report or at least, push all the things out via API / webhook and do the reporting elsewhere

I tried making a Time tracking app to link to tasks, but, you’re forced to use a Name field, which does not make sense for that style of application. If I’m on a Task and add a Time, I don’t want to have to open the time entry just to add the time, but rather just want to quickly add the time itself and maybe a comment if I need. It’d be cool if there were a duration type field as well, but I guess a decimal called “Hours” will suffice. I can put 1.25 for 1 hour and 15 min.

Unfortunately we can’t deliver all the things at once and have to prioritize. All missing capabilities you mentioned will be added eventually. But you will have to wait :frowning: Below our current understanding of the roadmap, but it can change any moment:

  1. Kanban App with proper limits most likely will be added around Spring.
  2. Hierarchical List or Table is in plans for Winter
  3. Time tracking app is not in plans, we are going to implement it via extension mechanism most likely
  4. API is there, but also you can create reports inside Fibery.

BTW, we do have several cases where Name is not required and I consider this a bug that we are going to fix soon.

Hi @mdubakov, yes, I understand patience. :slight_smile: What I’m trying to figure out is, “can we make Fibery work for us”.

Regarding your:

  1. Time tracking app is not in plans…

… can we still make our own for that, assuming the “Name is not always required” bug gets fixed? All I need is the ability to add multiple Time records linked to a given Task. If I can then export those, I can make the reports I need to do invoicing…

Also it appears I can simply make a custom field, and sort or filter on that.