Save Import Settings

The CSV import is quite good but it sometimes guesses field types wrong. It would be convenient to be able to save import settings somewhere so I don’t have to enter them every time. This would be particularly useful for any kind of situation where one is either 1) testing data import for a new entity, or 2) where new data imports have to happen periodically. The latter situation may be unlikely for adding fields to an existing entity, but it is more likely to come up if you do imports in a sort of staging table for later import to your production table.

I could really use this too! Will try to add a vote when I have one to spare. :smile:

Hi, Neil!
That’s a very nice idea in fact :slight_smile:
But that seems that you have the same-structured CSV file. So in your case, CSV import is a recurring event when only entities arrive
Did I guess right?
If so, could you please share the use case?

Hi Polina, in this particular case I was importing vendors from our accounting system. But there are tons of irrelevant fields so I had to turn off a bunch, fix the type for a few, etc. Ideally I’d be able to set this up as an automatic thing on a nightly or weekly import sync. Or even better of course would be a deep integration with Sage Intacct and/or :slight_smile:

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