Rules can't trigger on updated many:many Relation field

When creating a Rule and selecting which changed-fields it should trigger on, I cannot select a many:many relation field.

Use case: I have a Tags DB, linked as a many:many relation to various (many) other DBs. I would like a Rule to will trigger when I add/remove/change the Tags on an entity in a particular DB. Or, when a particular Tag is added to/removed from any entity.

I think this should work using the ‘Entity linked…’ trigger (or ‘Entity unlinked…’)

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Ugh, not the first time I tripped over this :roll_eyes:

It’s very unintuitive that I can’t just use “Entity Changed” to detect this.

And I need two separate Rules - one for linked, one for unlinked.

It’s true that it would be nicer if ‘linked’ and ‘unlinked’ triggers could be combined.
However, they differ slightly from ‘updated’ in that the item added/removed is passed as a parameter to the next steps (s well as the triggering entity).

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