Resize Panes/Windows by sliding frame + floating and pinnable frames

Hi, I’m new here but amazed by this application - my brain can finally see the light!

Something that (at least for my workflow) would be amazing is the ability to drag the the frame of the side-by-side panel/pane view so they could be different sizes. And to be able to pin a frame (more on that later). The second part of the functionality comes from OneNote and also Obsidian (aka frankenstein).

I use it all the time with right-click New quick note in system tray on windows desktop.

In the image below you can see that I have a OneNote side note open at the far right and pinned.

Then you see the fibery UI with one window on the left and one window on the right.

Often times the ideal layout would not be 50/50 but maybe 75/25 or even 25/75. Envision sliding the frame between them to resize. (More below).

For me, viewing multiple connected (or even unconnected) points of reference at the same time, for context, is invaluable. Right now, I find myself doing some workarounds (e.g. Created a Fibery App in Edge, have the browser Fibery open, and then the OneNote panel [which I still use for everything all the time]). A constant use case for me is having the whiteboard open in Fibery Edge app, OneNote side panel open, and Fibery main app on the other screen.

(By the way, this hack introduces an issue if you also go to the whiteboard on the main screen, even logged in with same account on both, because it shows your second connection as a separate user.)

What makes the Microsoft solution so good (but likely too hard if not impossible for anyone other than Microsoft) is that that side dock can dock to the window and not be counted as a “window” using the built in windows tool (oops I can only post with one image as a new user).

So on one screen, I can have 2 windows - drag the frame between them - and have that narrow “scratchpad” OneNote window. It would be ideal if those things I just pop in frequently could instead actually go right into Fibery as data.

While I don’t think it can be as readily doable with the ability to work like OneNote alongside Windows built-in sliding panels feature, it can still be very Effective. Obsidian achieves it by having panes/panels that can be laid out in many ways, moved, resized, pinned, and even pinned in in a floating window.

Additionally, I’ve noted that the second window/panel in Fibery is always connected to the first. Often I’d like to just have a quick note/side note data dump visible at all times. I’m realizing now that I can probably hack that together in Fibery by having an entity available on every page (perhaps by button) and the you click through vertical panes it could be an option everywhere. Not great, or always visible, so hopefully you can take some of these ideas and find time in the roadmap. Thanks.

Amazing product.