Report to show how many scheduled entities someone is assigned to at any given day

Hey everyone,

I’ve took a look at the reports doc, but it seems that it’s gonna be very long for me to grasp the concepts and I believe that what I need is something that other people certainly have needed and done in our group.

In the screenshot below, I have a team member (3D modeler) which is assigned on 4 entities (circled in red). Some of them happen at the same time. I’ve represented each days they are superposed with the blue numbers at the bottom :

What I would like to achieve, is a report with a timeline on the horizontal axis and teams members on the vertical axis that show how many entities someone is assigned for each days on a time line. Something like this, but the problem this one is that only use the start date, not the whole duration of an entities :

Bonus : Showing a number with a heat color instead of just superposed blues.

I hope i was clear enough in my explanations. Many thanks! :smiley:


Do the assigned entities use a daterange or a datetimerange?

Yes, but it’s generated with a formula :

I’d recommend an area chart:

I’d suggest using this configuration for the x-axis

and this for the y-axis

Note: I can’t be certain what the field name is for the User, it might be Assignee or whatever

Hopefully, you’ll end up with something like this:


It worked! Many thanks Chris! :smiley:

Great! and you found the colour-coding - I forgot to include that in my example.

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