Report Annotations w/ New Field

In reports, can you create dynamic annotation from fields that aren’t in that report dimension?

Example: I have a stacked bar chart where the Y-axis shows invoices (sum $) and the X-axis shows invoice date.

My entities also have a lookup for what the team budget is on the invoice date.

I want to create an annotation line on top of the stacked bar chart that shows where the budget is. See sketch below. But the dynamic annotation options for this Y-axis, seem to only allow using the invoice $ field, rather than being able to pull a new field (from the available data fields) to layer on top.



I would LOVE to be able to specify different scales for different data sources in a chart :cry:

That, and Log scales.

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Annotation fields are not really suited to making line charts from the raw data (which seems to be what you need).
And unfortunately, it’s not possible to show data with two different chart types (histogram and line).
I think the closest you can get is a side-by-side histogram, where one column is budget and the other is invoices.