Refinement Request: Copy Anchor Link to Clipboard


While I like the clean look of the Copy link to clipboard next to a header in the rich text field, the fact that it appears only on hover is VERY annoying when trying to paste content:

Often enough I will have copied something and will want to move it after the Heading so I clicks next to the Heading but when I hover the action appears and instead replaces my clipboard with the link… it happens a lot and has had me lose data multiple times.

There are a few possible solutions I can think of but none of them are as pretty as what it is now, but hopefully they will be less annoying:

  1. Have the icon always slightly visible, then I know not to click on it
  2. Have the anchor copy action on the left
  3. Make the action appear sooner on a larger hover area so it appears before one clicks

… I assume there are other options too.
Either way, this is a small thing but has led to MUCH frustration on my side when working with much content.