Q: What did you do with Fibery GraphQL API? πŸ‘‚

We released GraphQL API last week and are curious to learn what you did with it.
Please share your use cases and code samples!


I am very new to using GraphQL so has been a lot of trial and error.

I’ve developed a Fault report system for mobile phones using Google Appsheet, Google Sheet, Fibery, Slack and our Mobile Device Management system.

Using Fibery as the backend with all our phones and all information that comes with that, contact information and more as well as Charts and Boards calculating how many days a unit has been deployed before it’s discarded etc.

In the middle of this I’m using Integromat to connect it all and when it comes to graphQL I’ve saved so many operations being able to Get data, being able to pull out all the information I need just using 1 API call from different databases instead of using 5 different ones.

Same goes for attaching Files, instead of using 3-4 different calls I can do it in 1 to attach file from URL.

I would love to see what other people has done and the possibilities of graphQL as I wrote before, I’m very new to using it.