Power Automate integration

I am wondering if anybody is using fibery with MS365 suite, in particular Power Automate. I know there is no fibery connector but I was wondering if anybody has looked at this at all.

For those of us in larger organizations, where MS365 is a fact of life and access to make or zapier is severely restricted, Power Automate might be the only option we have to ferry data back and forth between fibery and legacy systems.

Have you considered accessing Fibery from MS365 by using API calls in Power Automate?
It would seem to be a potential solution

That is what I was thinking too. However, for some reason, MS has made the “http” connector a premium connector and our organization does not want to spend a few additional bucks on getting us access to the premium connectors (I wish I could pay MS directly for the difference!)

I believe you can develop custom connectors, so that might be an option to explore.