Options to modify/update/view data inputted via form or with custom layout

One of my biggest issue with going forward with Fibery is the missing ability to modify/view data in a form kind of view or with custom layout. Are there any plans for this? I’ve seen some discussions about comparisons to Notion, Airtable, etc. and their capabilities with custom layouts.

There are cases where I would like to show a single-page summary of user input, kind of Excel look-a-like where I have more freedom to organise the content in custom layout than what is possible with tables, kanban and other prebuilt layouts.

Are you talking about a custom view of a single entity, or a custom layout showing multiple entities?
The standard entity view has many layout tweaks (show/hide fields, drag+drop to reorder, pinned fields, etc.) and more improvements to come (like moving collection fields to right hand panel). What are you missing?

If you’re after an alternative view/layout of multiple items, can you explain what you have in mind.

A single entity in this case. We have for example benefits calculator where each employee can select benefits they like with limited budget. I’ve attached a screenshot from a excel.

Otherwise Fibery data model would fit well, but presenting and updating the employee selections for each employee individually is the challenge.