November 2020 digest


Good work, I am especially looking forward to these!

  • Integromat Integration
  • Hierarchical Lists
  • Formulas: Convert Numbers and Dates into Text

Integromat submitted for the review, formulas are ready, will be released in the next build next week. Lists are just started

@mdubakov I was excited to read you are considering gamedev companies as a separate experimental niche. I run a game design studio (it is like a very niche outsource studio for one of the key parts of the gamedev process).

So how do I apply to be a part of the Direct Sales Experiment? :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know if it would be useful for anything, to be honest, I guess I just enjoy the thought of having a call with Fibery devs. :sweat_smile:

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We’ll happily arrange that. Please send your email to

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Some interesting stuff in this one.

First, on the new pricing, you mention $10/12 per user per month. A definite increase but manageable. However the image in your post also implies a 5 user minimum to me. Is that actually your plan? Also the 5 users doesn’t correspond to the $100/mo shown, so maybe I just shouldn’t pay attention to the details of that image? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You switched to because Fibery wasn’t working well enough for the direct sales experiments, that’s quite interesting. I am curious if it is your hope or intention to add features to Fibery such that in the future it will be able to replace such tools, or did you ultimately determine that more in-depth sales processes like email integration, etc. are beyond Fibery’s goals?

Finally, hierarchical lists look amazing! I didn’t know how much I wanted that feature until now. :smiley:

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I agree with the excitement on Hierarchical lists, been waiting a long time for them and nice to see a preview in the post!

And @Oshyan also wanted to respond to your point re: CRM. I too am endeavoring to use Fibery for my CRM needs and have a fairly complex, but for now effective, set up. I noticed in the article the discussion about the move away from Fibery as you point out, but there was also mention of them using it as a CRM in the Braintree integration. I do hope that Fibery continues to develop in such a away as to facility more CRM, people use Notion a lot for this and will probably more so when their API comes out, so I hope I don’t get tempted back there if their CRM capabilities keep moving along…

Looking forward to the new features can’t wait for most of them!

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