My Fibery feature wishlist

Hey, just wanted to follow-on there are two items here that I’d find also extremely useful and would love to get into the backlog:

Big one, I have the same issue. Things like make sure my acct team raises invoices timely each month

This one I am guessing is on the roadmap front and center. There is great potential in the ability to filter out the Collections area, even create multiple Collections with different attributes. I’d argue this is almost the defining feature of Notion, and can easily be replicated in Fibery with the Filters.

I posted a separate request more or less about this as well here:

And re: Notion, they don’t have recurring but are getting hammered with requests for it all time time, so another opportunity here!

@Chr1sG so some really Notion-centric features in this request, always eager to get your thoughts if you have a moment :smiley: