My Fibery feature wishlist

Hi Fibery team and fellow users,

I really like Fibery - even though it is made for teams but I use it on my own as a professional web developer, tech content creator and online student. Before I go into my feature wishlist, I wanted to say a big thank you to the Fibery team. The amount of features you provide on the free plan is outstanding. For the charts feature alone, you could probably charge triple the price of the “teams” plan and it still would be a good deal. The things you can do with formulas, buttons and charts is mind blowing - especially for me as a programmer.

Here are my top most wanted features:

  • Recurring dates: I just completed a monthly website maintenance for a client and now have to push the calendar event back a month, not a deal-breaker at all, but a “repeating” option would still be nice
  • Localization: I’m from Germany so it is sometimes confusing to write German text inside an English user inerface. I’d even be happy to help with translations
  • Filtering out items in relations: When I want to add a project to a task, completed projects also show p in toe list of items. It would be great if you could add filters to relations that, for example, only “current” projects can be related to a task and only “to do” or “doing” tasks can be related to a project
  • A mobile app so i can get push notifications when entities of my “appointment” type start or a task comes due

Have a great day,



Hey, just wanted to follow-on there are two items here that I’d find also extremely useful and would love to get into the backlog:

Big one, I have the same issue. Things like make sure my acct team raises invoices timely each month

This one I am guessing is on the roadmap front and center. There is great potential in the ability to filter out the Collections area, even create multiple Collections with different attributes. I’d argue this is almost the defining feature of Notion, and can easily be replicated in Fibery with the Filters.

I posted a separate request more or less about this as well here:

And re: Notion, they don’t have recurring but are getting hammered with requests for it all time time, so another opportunity here!

@Chr1sG so some really Notion-centric features in this request, always eager to get your thoughts if you have a moment :smiley:

I think the ability to constrain the possible entities that can be linked in a collection based on filter settings is really useful.
The filter settings could include conditions based on values of the linked entity fields but also on the values of the linking entity fields :slight_smile:

[FWIW I think I also previously raised a request for the ability to set the min/max number of linked entities, for example, I have an interface definition entity which links subsystems, and I want the number of linked subsystems to always be 2 (and only 2).]

I do appreciate that one of the challenges with setting constraints for how entities can be linked is that there needs to be a smart way of handling creation of new linked entities and changed linked entities.

So if, for example, I define that a project can only be linked to tasks that are in the state “to do” or “doing”, when I create a new linked task, what should be its state upon creation? Should there be a default value? Or should I choose? What happens to the entity if I don’t choose? the entity is not created, an error is flagged…?
Also, should tasks be automatically unlinked when they no longer meet the filter criteria? If I change a task from “doing” to “done” and then change it back again, have I broken the link to the project?

Anyway, as long as these behaviours are well-defined and explained, people will be able to make great use of this feature.

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FWIW re: Saskia’s other requests:
The use of recurring dates isn’t something I would use much, personally
I’m not in need of mobile notifications

Just sayin’ :slight_smile:

Good Commentary Chris, thanks for responding!