Messages From Multiple Inboxes into Task Database - Extra Columns


I have setup inboxes for specific departments that create tasks & reference back to the original message. I’m running into an issue adding in new departments where each relation creates a column, but now I have several “messages” columns in the same tasks table and all but 1 of them are empty for a given task (and they all show up when viewing the entity in detail form).

The reason for the different inboxes is access control – not every department needs to see messages for the other departments, but I still would like to centralize the tasks.

What would be the best way to go about simplifying the columns in the task database? I was thinking it would be to create a new database that just compiles the messages, but upon further thought I am thinking that still will have the access issue, as the relation would be to the new database & not the original one. This may be something that I can solve once the entity permissions are rolled out.

I figured out my work-around for this. I’m just going to have the departments utilize tables within the relevant work-spaces (which won’t have the additional tables displayed) rather than the catch-all table.