March 2019 Results

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I want to thank you and the team for the excellent progress made in last few weeks - particularly on reducing bugs.

Currently, the app is usable for experimentation. For day to day project use, it will require some more essential feature, some of which you listed in the blog post roadmap. I’ll try to list few more features and UI improvements as I continue to experiment.

Support for at least Project-scope isolated spaces seems to be the most important gap now. And then Formulas to enable time budgeting, effort estimation and time spent tracking.

Also, in my view, in order to prioritize the other very core features, the wiki, chatbot, third party integration featureset can be put on hold for now, as people do have alternatives for that in the interim. I think the goal should be so that these earliest adopters can at least use the app for some in-house real-life project/work with the support of more complete core features, rather than relatively incomplete core and non-core features.