Manually adding a User to an entity's Watch list?

I don’t see that it is currently possible to manually add another User to an entity’s watch list.

In many apps (e.g. Asana) it is simple and commonplace to manually add someone else as a Task “collaborator” so they they will 1) immediately get notified that they were added, and 2) receive future notifications for the Task.

This is quite useful, e.g. when you know that someone should be a “collaborator” of an existing Task/entity but not the Assignee.

Does it make more sense to create an explicit “Collaborators” collection in any DBs where this functionality is needed? Or will it be possible to manually add an arbitrary User to an entity’s Watch list?


So far we have no plans to add this feature, workaround is a special field + automation rule that will add a user into watchers when the user is added into this field. However, we are collecting feedback and when this request will be popular enough we might add it