Location Field UI/UX - Copy and Paste/Clickability Improvements

Currently, the location field has some strange behaviors.

  1. In the side panel (on the desktop app), I am unable to select the text in order to copy it.
  2. In Table view, copying the Location Field copies a code object that - when pasted, looks like the following:

{“latitude”:34.269314,“longitude”:-118.594948,“fullAddress”:“21217 Nashville Street, Chatsworth, California 91311, United States”,“addressParts”:{“place”:“Chatsworth”,“region”:“California”,“address”:“Nashville Street”,“country”:“United States”,“district”:“Los Angeles County”,“postcode”:“91311”}}

This is useful for copying the Location information from table cell to table cell, which is excellent for input, but not very good for information retrieval, where I frequently want to A) copy and paste an address into an email/shipping information/search, and B) see where the location is on a map.

I would love to see the following improvements:

  1. Copy/Paste behavior that allows me to quickly extract the address from the location field and paste it elsewhere - both from the side bar and table views - such that I get the same text I see displayed. (in the above example, just the 21217 Nashville Street, Chatsworth, California 91311, United States part.
  2. Clickable Map-View. Because Fibery already has a built in Map for collections, I’d love to be able to click on any single location and see it as a pin in the built-in Map view.

Number 1 is a frequent frustration. Number 2 would be a “nice-to-have” but certainly not a need to have.

Your first suggestion is a good one, especially in the entity view. I think it is great that you can copy a location from one cell to another so hoping that won’t change. But there might be an opportunity to have a right-click menu option for copying the address text.

As a workaround for now, you might want to define a formula field that extracts the address as text:

Either using AddressPart() function:

AddressPart(Location, “address”)

Or just referencing the FullAddress() function of the field:


With respect your second suggestion, I think we are asking for the same thing:

This is unfortunately not the solution to your problem. However, you might be able to to get by with the work around I proposed in this post:

Hoping that map view gets some enhancements this year :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


This is great, and completely agree.
Also, love that google maps formula in the other thread. I’m gonna steal that pronto!

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