Linking to headers and places in a document issue.... useability - could make for much better new user/onboarding experience

TLDR: Fix a useability issue with this change:

For me, the combination of rich-text + views and database is fantastic.

However, when linking to headers in a document (like bookmarks/anchors in Google Docs and Microsoft Word), the references do not change if the document or entity changes. Maybe this is by design but it needs an option for new users, particularly because in my experience lots of new users start by creating documents and then later learn converting them to entity “docs” offers much more flexibility.

Here’s what I mean.

  1. I create a document with 5 headers.
  2. I created a bulleted list of 5 links at the top to those headers. The links work.
  3. I convert the document to an entity. The 5 links do not work. The new entity’s links take me to the headings on the old document.
  4. So, instead, I create a new Rob Task Entity. I create 5 headings. I created a bulleted list of 5 links at the top point to those headers. The links work.
  5. I convert the Rob Task Entity to an SA Task Entity, which has the exact same structure as a Rob Task Entity just in a different space. The links do not work. They point to the Rob Task Entity not the newly create SA Task Entity.

I can see why this may be by design. However, your own built-in TOC markers along the left (shown below) DO transfer the links over - in other words, the exact opposite of the process I outline above. If nothing else, it’s confusing.

Sometimes it surely makes sense to keep the link to the original item (Entity or Document) but in some cases it does not. Converting items is an example where it does not per my use case - and my use case is this: A robust document that looks like a Google Doc on steroids, with views and embeds, but has that thing everyone is accustomed to - a visible TOC at the top with with links to headers AS WELL as links throughout the document to other places in the Entity “doc”.

My visible TOC has 10 H1s, and 10 H2s. It has 13 links embedded throughout the document. Now, I need to redo 33 links. No fun.

This simple option could work.

Note that I have observed this - relative vs absolute link issues - since day 1 at my time with fibery - and where i observed it was both within my own spaces (particularly in the beginning) but also in your own fibery guide online and your forum/community. Lots of old/missing links referenced.