Larger spaces between groups on charts

I have created a bar chart for year over year comparisons. Data is grouped by month and year. However, the gap between January’s bars is large and Jan 21 is right next to Feb 22. It would make more sense if the two bars for each month were closer together and a larger gap existed between months.
I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

How is the grouping achieved?
Are the months fields in the database?

I assume that you’re using YEAR([DATE]) for the year value.
You could try using the following instead, it will group the numbers 2021 and 2022 closer together


It doesn’t increase the gap between the month groups, but at least the gaps will be similar.

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This looks like a great solution! I’ll keep you posted

The visual experience is much improved but you lose the year over year computation when hovering using the Intervals. Fibery no longer computes the change and shows a red or green arrow when hobering over the bars.


I just circled back to this

and I have a solution:
The grouping is achieved by creating a Month parameter MONTH([Date]) then adding a Year parameter YEAR([Date])
Not sure that I noticed this until today, but changing the scale from continuous to period helped bring the columns closer together


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