Lack of Work Management features in Fibery (Reminders, Dependencies, Notifications, My Work, etc.)

Good comparison with Linear, my team has been in and out of it but ultimately still doing development in Fibery due to wanting to keep ALL company work in one place. Linear is very fast, simple, and mobile friendly so I think they have that leg up on Fibery. Not to sound like a broken record, but the foundations of Fibery are so much better than these other tools, just could use some polish and I wish polishing Fibery would get greater prioritization!


Very interesting thread!

I will add my 2cents as an early-stage Startup founder, paying for 20 Business yearly seats on Clickup, that got super excited today when I discovered Fibery (watched all the youtube videos, read all product releases, public roadmap, etc…) as it is the first tool I found that seems to solve my pain (lack of relationships between Objectives>Key results>initiatives>products>features>tasks, etc…) but after reading this thread, I probably won’t be making the jump just yet… here is why:

  • I spend 80% of my time in ClickUp in the notifications screen, it’s my “activity” feed, and you can check Clickup’s canny or FB group to see how typical this use case is (I don’t know about my team but I suspect the same because there is no other good place in ClickUp to see all activity that relates to oneself)
  • We use threaded comments & reactions to comments :eyes::white_check_mark: in almost every task
  • Assignees & due dates are at the same level, but I understand those are handled decently in Fibery(?)

It’s table stakes… you won’t gain users for having them, but you will definitely lose users for not having them.

So I agree with @Oshyan that talking to the churned users might be as - if not a lot more - insightful than to the survivors.

Also, I don’t agree that Clickup wasn’t focused on the individual… to this day one of their biggest use case is still solopreneurs, consultants, coaches, agencies (usually started by solopreneurs), etc…

ClickUp, Notion, were definitely bottom-up, product & community-led, individual-first then the individual introduces it to the company because (s)he loves it… it’s not a hard sell, on the contrary you gain status usually from introducing them to your team/contacts, they delight where it matters and they have their table stakes in place.

You say that you haven’t found a reliable way to generate leads, I think their (Notion, Clickup) playbooks of product-led and community-led growth are super applicable to Fibery, and table stakes are definitely key here, no one is gonna advocate for a super hard sell that’s missing table stakes, but once that’s fixed Fibery definitely has enough differentiators to attract very excited ambassadors that will preach and spread it without costing you anything (content, sharable templates, setup services, vetted consultants, etc…).

Finally @mdubakov I think it took Clickup well over a year to release “Email in clickup”, with all their 10s of millions of ARR$ and huge teams (from what I understood some steps had to be approved by Google and took months at a time after every change, and they already had probably 500k clients at that points… Google just doesn’t care, consider how they might threat you), you can go read that feature thread on their canny or FB group too, I’m sure it was one of the most painful tasks they had to deploy (because of Google/Microsoft’s permissions they needed), and I honestly don’t know if it’s used that much…

Hope this helps, happy to share more feedback on a call, I really really got super excited about how Fibery connects OKRs to Product management to Wiki etc.



We are working on new concept here. Our goal is to merge chat and comments into a single system that will make Slack obsolete. I hope we will share the concept in few weeks, collect feedback and start implementation.



Wow, cannot wait to see what you come up with!


I’ll steal this emoji row from you :slight_smile:


If you can also make Twitter obsolete you’ll have a huge influx of new users! :slight_smile:


most interesting thread indeed.

i too feel compelled to add my 2 cents and feel there is much to glean from your potential users on the periphery as suggested by @Oshyan . I have a 10 person architecture practice in business for 15+ years. I have worked my way through more products than i care to mention to help manage our projects. After working with an industry specific tool (BQE Core) for the past couple of years, we have bounced back to a low code / no code solution we were using nearly 8 years ago (Citrix Podio). Why did we move back? Industry specific tools IMHO are heavily task oriented and do not provide relevant context for the work at hand. We had plenty of data, but little of it was useful, and there was virtually no way to incorporate the text, graphical information and custom reporting that works so well in Fibery (and similar products). So why did we move back to Podio? a very simple and somewhat silly answer - Location (geospatial) Fields. Podio has seen virtually no meaningful development in their product in the last 4-5 years, yet it still remained the best (not ideal) solution for us. i know there are some other products that can handle location information (Monday, Airtable… sort of, Notion… sort of), but having a native location field type allows for immediate data validation which is critical to our business.

If not but for this one item, I would move our entire Podio system and eventually our timekeeping and invoicing systems over to Fibery.

The point i am trying to make (besides please incorporate geospatial fields) is that your potential customers may be one small feature away from becoming your actual customers. IMHO it may also be beneficial to hear from those with literally no coding experience. There are plenty of us with a decent understanding of logic and data, along with a need to bring accurate and relevant data to our employees, but cannot write a single line of code.


Hi @T_A

Would you be able to just have two number (float) fields for LAT and LONG?

@mdubakov and @Chr1sG, that makes me think: The same way as you allow users to define structures of databases (like the World Space as a repo for countries), would it be possible to let users create templates for properties? For example that would allow somebody to create a “GeoLocation” property by defining that it has two numbers. Or an Address property by defining a combo of text fields and enums.


I have had pretty good success using text fields and concatenation formulas to make formatted addresses. You can add that to the end of or Google Maps with another formula and they both do a good job of correcting for errors. If you pull it up in entity view it makes a decent little form and is a reasonably quick way to share location info.