Keyboard Shortcut to open Search is the same as the Save to Fibery extension

I use the Save to Fibery Chrome Extension, I find it very useful.
Only thing is that it uses the same keyboard shortcut as the Fibery Search option in Fibery.
This means that when I hit cmd-shift-k when in Fibery, the extension opens instead of the search page in Fibery.


Wait, the keyboard shortcut in Fibery seems to be cmd-k. But the hint in the navbar is cmd-shift-k:

I’m confused.

What browser/OS are you using?
For me, Ctrl-k gets me to search and Ctrl-Shift-k opens the web clipper.

I guess the hint is misleading

Mac OS, Brave browser.
I think it is the hint that is misleading.

cmd-k opens search in Fibery indeed

Sorry for the confusion!
This will be fixed in the next version