Issues with using "Join" formula

Hi guys,
I have issues using the Join formula.
I would like to have the Name field be constructed in the following way:

Name = Details (text) + Markets (reference field, single select) + Products (reference field, single select) + Study type (single select)

Every time I follow the example of the Join formula I get different types of errors.
Could you please advise me on how such a formula should be built?
Or maybe I should build it in another way?

Thank you in advance for your support!

take care

Iā€™m not sure you need to use join.
If the various fields are single selects or to-one relations, you can just use .Name

Details + Markets.Name + Products.Name + Study type.Name

but given the field names, perhaps they are not single selects/ to-one relations?

In general, use .Name for fields where there can only be one item, use .Join(Name,", ") for fields where there can be multiple.

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Thank you, @Chr1sG, it worked!