Introducing Fibery 1.0

Hi there,

We have just officially launched Fibery 1.0!

:diving_mask: If you haven’t given Fibery a proper dive, now is the time. 1.0 means:

  • Stability, for real
  • Nice templates to start from
  • 10-min video tutorial series

Create a connected workspace, bring teams together, and replace at least zero other tools.

:speaking_head: P.S. Support us on Product Hunt by spreading the word – even the f-word.


Hi Michael,

Best of luck with the launch.
We got a free trial last November but I haven’t had much time to use it lately so our instance was delighted.
That’s no harm, I’d created loads of rubbish in there.
I wanted to start with a clean sheet.

Anyway, can I have a new instance set up with my work email address, which is

You can freely register new account using this email from web site

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Hi Michael,
I am super excited about your product, I was the first Targetprocess user in South Africa back in 2004 from my company Blue Ant Productions, loved it.
Cannot wait to start using Fibery. I am sure it will be even better as Targetprocess.

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Hi, I’m from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I’m using Notion on my startup, I really love it. I’m knowing Fibery and really excited about your future. Best of luck and I would love to be part of the early early adopter of Fibery platform. I will try and consider to migrate from Notion.

Good luck!