Inserting values into rich text


We’d find it really useful if values could be inserted into rich text.

For example, each of our projects has a ‘project update’ rich text field. We have a project portfolio feed that presents all of the project updates. It’s really useful! (Although we’ve had to build a workaround for ‘last modified’ because it sucks).

While we can include dates as a field for display, there is little context. It would be good to be able to insert things like:

This project is running a little later than anticipated, expected delivery on /Estimated Completion Date

Because the project is nearing completion and involving more departments, meetings structure has been changed to /Meetings Structure.

Quick reminder that this project is worth /Value, so please please be disciplined and keep it in focus.



As improvements are made to Rich Text capabilities which enable it to become a better “dashboard”, it will be very useful to be able to dynamically insert values into a Rich Text via references to Fields/Formulas/Queries.