Inaccessible workspace after infrastructure migration

Well, I was excited to see if the new infrastructure was noticeably faster… Unfortunately I can’t access my production workspace at all. I’ve sent this to Intercom support, but posting it here as well in case anyone else is running into similar issues.

Here’s what I get when I try to open my workspace:

Tried going back to the main page and doing “Login” again, but no change. I have another workspace under the same email and it works fine, but I just use it for testing, it has very little data.

Hopefully this can be fixed very soon, I kinda need it! :grimacing:

Update: it is now working again. I tried many times earlier. Now several hours later I just went to login, chose the workspace, and now works OK. Odd indeed.

So I am glad it is working again now, but I also hope you can figure out what happened so you can avoid it occurring again in the future!

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