In Users App, ability to show in Smart Folder All Users, Inactive and Active, together

Hi guys,

I now have some users who I have paused active accounts for. These are contractors that may return. I noticed if I wanted to see a full list of all Users, both inactive and active, I am not offered that option in the People app:

Here I can see only users that are, or aren’t, active, but not both.

Is there a reason for this? Or would you be able to consider adding the ability to see both active and inactive at once?


It looks like you’ve somehow added a filter (it’s not the default behaviour based on what I see) and I think you should have an x to the right of it which will remove it.

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Hey Chris, yes ultimately I was able to remove the filter and just show the entire list of all, active and inactive. I would say this wasn’t the most intuitive UX, but bottom line is the request is moot as all that’s needed is to delete the filter and I have the info I was looking for.

Thanks for weighing in!