In Search dialog interpret ctrl-p and ctrl-n to move up/down in the result/Database list, not within the query field itself

The Search dialog (Command-K on a Mac) currently supports emacs-style keyboard shortcuts in its two search query fields: ctrl-a (beginning of line) and ctrl-e (end of line), which is great. It also supports ctrl-p (which is usually up-one-line) and ctrl-n (which is usually down-one-line), but because the search box is only one line high, those two keys effectively duplicate ctrl-a and ctrl-e, respectively. However, in order to actually select a non-default (ie. not highlighted) search result or Database, I have to take my fingers off the keyboard and use my mouse to click on the desired entity: it would be much more convenient if the dialog could interpret ctrl-p and ctrl-n to move the default (ie. highlighted) row up or down. In that case, I could type my query AND select the desired result (and/or Database), all without taking my hands off the keyboard: it would be very nice.

ie: ctrl-a and ctrl-e would continue to move the cursor within the search query field, but ctrl-p and ctrl-n would now move the highlighted row up and down within the result/Database lists, instead of their current (redundant) behaviour.