Improve search features in Fibery

Just checking here: is the improvement of the Search functionalities on the roadmap July-Dec 2023 integtrated?

For users, their activities are mostly search-based (and that is the current trend, like google and AI) in which the strong trend is that with one search query/prompt we find the right documents.
I saw the ‘Experimental Lab’ AI Semantic search…but it appears not to work, it gives not results. What would actually be the expected output?

My space users like to search on views displays (lists, etc.) through a simple header input field for the title of the entity.
More advanced would be the ability for creators to predefine what fields can be searched on and displayed in the header.

The current search icon at the top of a entity display, does not pre-filter the results in some intuitive way, this will be userful to implement.

The current search icon is a global search

There will be improvements to search, including using AI (semantic search).

If there are no results, then it implies that AI could not find any match.
(But the experimental search may also have bugs :wink:)

For the time being, if you need to search a view, I suggest using the browser’s search capability.

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I had the same issue, but it was fixed by development.

However, I would like to see the ability to search documents, rich texts, and comments. Currently, semantic search only returns entities within databases.

semantic search is only experimental at the moment.
I think you can expect it to improve over time :crossed_fingers:

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