Impossible to copy more than 1000 characters from a Text field

I found this old post.
Now, it seems we can have more than 1000 characters in a text field.
But you cannot copy more than 1000 characters from a text fiel to another.

I just tested that with a Text field “Text 1” and a formula in “Text 2” which is only a reference to “Text 1”. After 1000 characters, the text is ignored.

This is a big problem for me. Since I cannot manipulate rich texts, I need to manipulate Text fields and have the need for long texts.

Can you help ?

What are the manipulations you need in text fields (rich text or otherwise)?

I have several texts and data used to build a complete text which is used for an API call. The format of the API needs a single text with all the information in it.

And what’s stopping you from performing the necessary manipulations with rich text fields?

OK. It should work and I should have think about it. Thanks

But it is quite annoying because using formulas was so simple, elegant and needed much less effort. Now I have to use javascript to build a rich text (there are tests involved in the process).

Can we agree the 1000 characters limitation is a bug that should be fixed?

Well, there has to be some limit on the size of simple text fields, so I guess the true issue is that rich text manipulations are not easy enough to do

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Limitation on the size is one thing. But there is no clear limitation, because I can have more than 1000 characters in a text field. It is just that I cannot copy them. Would the limitation have been on the size, it would have been clear from the start and I wouldnt have built all my infrastructure around Text fields only to scratch my head days later.

So, it’s definitely a bug and I will change the category.

… hmmm… sorry I sound frustrated (trully, I am !). Fibery still is the most fantastic nocode tool I have encountered so far :wink:

Sorry, my fault for not clearly understanding the problem you described. Indeed, if a text field can contain up to X number of characters, then it should be possible to copy all of them(!)