Importing Data via Relation Fields - Comma issue

I need to check if chemical names occur in e.g. blacklisted Lists.
You can image that it is a no-go if I can’t just copy-and-past e.g. “6,10,14-Trimethylpentadecan-2-one”
I will get “6”, “10”, “14-Trimethylpentadecan-2-one”. Without an option to ignor the commas, unfortunately Fibery will not fit my use case. Otherwise it is perfect.l

Are the names in quotes?

I put the quotes in place for better readability. No quotes normally occur.

Given that Fibery treats commas as delimiters when pasting into fields that can accommodate multiple entities, I’m not sure it could be made to ‘ignore’ commas, otherwise it wouldn’t support cases where it is desirable to create/link to multiple entities.

How exactly are you trying to copy-paste? Is 6,10,14-Trimethylpentadecan-2-one being pasted into a name field, or a relation field, or …?

use case is to put e.g.
etc. …
in a Relation Field Column (this can be several thousand entries long).

I can enter above chemicals one-per-one in a Relation Field Column (via pressing Enter and pasting).
However, use of the database is to check columns with many entries at once (saving alot time).

I understand that the comma separation is there for a reason. Is there a way to bypass this?