I automated a meta-game campaign for a videogame

Aliens Fireteam is a game for 3 players, the idea for this Space was to add a meta-game that would allow more squads of players to contribute to a wider, more persistent campaign. I found fibery able to match many of my needs for this project, including:

A dynamic “campaign map” (a white board with card entities) that updates to show the state of the game.
Automation tools to do things like:
a. when starting a turn, creating multiple Actions
b. updating other tables when the status of Actions are changed
c. if a chain of links is broken between nodes on the map, changing the status of those disconnected nodes.
d. simple AI for making suggestions of where the Aliens would attack next (with configuration between aggressive, expansive or defensive play).

Its been great fun to put this together, thanks Fibery for the amazing tool you’ve built so far.


Wow! Amazing what Fibery can be used for in the right hands!