How to set auto create multi entities (with exactly date range) based on date range of a parent entity

I consider set rule base on your suggest, to add 1 more filter as same way as this

[Step 1 Transaction].[Payment Date] >= Dates.Start() and
[Step 1 Transaction].[Payment Date] <= Dates.End()

to this

[Expected Shift].Filter(
[Date] > = Periodic Dates.Start() and [Date] <= Periodic Dates. End() and
[Expected Shift].[Date in Week].Name = [Periodic].[Day of the week].Name)

should it work ?

I don’t know/understand where you were thinking of using these formulas?
My suggestion was to use auto-rules to link days (Period entities) to an Expected shift entity.

And as I said before, I don’t know what Fleetings are/were :confused: