How to set auto create multi entities (with exactly date range) based on date range of a parent entity

I consider set rule base on your suggest, to add 1 more filter as same way as this

[Step 1 Transaction].[Payment Date] >= Dates.Start() and
[Step 1 Transaction].[Payment Date] <= Dates.End()

to this

[Expected Shift].Filter(
[Date] > = Periodic Dates.Start() and [Date] <= Periodic Dates. End() and
[Expected Shift].[Date in Week].Name = [Periodic].[Day of the week].Name)

should it work ?

I don’t know/understand where you were thinking of using these formulas?
My suggestion was to use auto-rules to link days (Period entities) to an Expected shift entity.

And as I said before, I don’t know what Fleetings are/were :confused:

Is there any way to leverage Set rule (automation ) + Current timeline view + Your periodic entities for this usecase ?

I will write the input again:
I have a 9 people team

Our company work in 2 shifts: Shift 1 (7am → 7pm) and Shift 2 (10am → 10pm). Each can have 2 days-off (Friday and Saturday) or (Sunday and Monday).
Each employee will work in assigned Shift for 2 month then rotate

  • Example So that means Employee A will work on {Sun- Mon- Wed in Shift 1 (7am → 7pm)} and {Tues-Thurd in Shift 2 (10am → 10pm)} and day-off in Friday-Saturday within 2 months: Jan and Feb
  • Then in next 2 month: March and April, the shifts will rotates, that Employee A will work on {Sun- Mon- Wed in Shift 2 (10am → 10pm)} and {Tues-Thurd in Shift 1 (7am → 7pm)} and day-off in Sunday-Monday

My mission 's assigning those employee like that.
1/ The problem become when I have to do it manually to much. So i wanna set rule or automation or something that can automate assign each employee to right shift in each days. Here’s what I wanna: On April, When I choose Employee A, C, X will auto assign for dates (with time above) (just 1 click, not create a whole entities of this for just 1 people)
2/ Own current team’s odd number. So that means in weekend shifts will missing 1 employee for that shift. I have to pick up 1 day-off employee to let him Overtime to fill the gaps. And this must be rotate for fairness for the entire team. Do we have any way to set formula or condition for this ?
3/ Also the vacation, the sick leave, day-off without report … make me feel can make a real mess for me. Do we have any template or hint for this, I consider using new timeline view for this, but still stuck at applying

I think the challenge of your problem is that the concept of a shift (as a period of time, e.g. between 7am and 7pm) can mislead you into thinking that there should be a direct relation between a person and multiple shifts. You can’t say I want employee to be linked to shift 1 multiple times.

A shift can mean a period of time (7am to 7pm) or it can mean a particular set of hours on a given day (7am to 7pm on the 10th April).

I think you need to think about your terminology and maybe the problem (and solution may become clear). For example, you write ‘weekend shifts will missing 1 employee’ but what is a ‘weekend shift’? I presume you mean that it is a shift on a specific date (which happens to be a Saturday or a Sunday).

See if this helps. For the time being, forget about the hours, and stop referring to things as shifts, but instead use something like colours, e.g.

Our company has 2 colours: Colour 1 (red) and Colour 2 (blue).
Each employee will work in assigned to a Colours in a fixed pattern, for 2 months:
Example: So that means Employee A will be assigned Red for Sun - Wed and assigned Blue for Tues - Thurs and no colour for Fri - Sat, for a 2 month period: e.g. Jan and Feb
Then in the next 2 months (March and April), the Colour pattern will change so that Employee A will be assigned Blue for Sun - Wed and assigned Red for Tues - Thurs and no colour in Fri - Sat.

Note: my summary may not be correct, but I hope you get the idea.

Now think about the questions you are asking:

How do you imagine you want to link a person to a colour? You can’t directly link them. You have to have a collection of entities, each of which represents their Colour assignment for a given day.
How far in the future do you want the person to be planned? If you want an automation rule to generate these entities (linking a person to a colour based on a particular day) how many entities should be created?

This sounds like there is another Colour perhaps? Maybe Green represents a weekend overtime shift. Do we assume that a person in the team with more people is picked to help the team with fewer people? If so, it sounds like you need a rule for assigning Green to each member of the larger team in rotation.

How would you cope with these exceptional situations normally?

In general, try to focus on what the correct, ideal behaviour should be (written in a logical way, that includes all possible hypothetical situations) without even thinking about how it might be implemented. Only then can you hope to have Fibery help you automate the process.