Automation create recurring entity based on real datetime range of parent entity

In my case, I have to schedule a lot of appointments for each month, most of them are recurring appointments for everyweek.
1 database: Monthly Schedule Appointment
1 database: Daily Schedule Appointment
So do we have any way to automate create daily meeting with the right datetime assigned

Example: I have Schedule appointments for 2023-May
Input: 2023-May- Schedule with Shara with appointments on 9am on Mon, 10 am on Tues, 9am on Wed and 10am on Saturday; all of those recurring on each week in this month.
Output: //currently i have to create it manually

  • Appointment 2023-05-01 Mon 9am | Assigned Shara
  • Appointment 2023-05-02 Tues 10am | Assigned Shara
  • Appointment 2023-05-03 Wed 9am | Assigned Shara
  • Appointment 2023-05-06 Sat 10am | Assigned Shara
  • Appointment 2023-05-08 Mon 9am | Assigned Shara
  • Appointment 2023-05-09 Tues 10am | Assigned Shara
    … until appointment on or before 2023-05-31

I have a lot of other usecase for this recurring with time duration like this, above just 1 usecase in my daily work, i really hope we could find out a better solution for this to be more productive

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