How to get relation-dependent display of fields (conditional fields)

Use case: I have more than hundred databases and want to reduce them to optimize and make my spaces less complex. The strategy for this is to have a generic database ‘Page’ with a relation to database ‘Page type’. All content that does not require unique fields, thus can become a Page with a specific Page Type.

However, I like particular fields (relations) of the Page database ony to show up if it is of a particular Page Type.

For example, only if a page is of type ‘Research Paper’, I like to show the Author and Abstract field.

How can I accomplish this?

You can’t.
This would be an example of showing/hiding field being dependent on the value of another field, and this is not currently possible.

The closest you can achieve is to use pinned fields and have them set to hide when empty.


and this

are basically contradictory.

Fibery does not support the concept of type-based inheritance.

You are right that it sounded contradictory. What I mean is that when consolidating databases to reduce the amount of databases, I make a choice which ones really need their own database because of relatively many unique fields, and which ones can use the same generic Page database because they only have a few unique fields.

Anyway, this topic is part of an attempt to reduce complexity of Fibery whilst retaining flexibility and intuitive user experience.

I can imagine that fibery and users have discussed this before, and maybe there are some best practices documented for and optimal architecture of a space, depending on the use?

If Fibery supports inheritance, this would be possible:

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