How manage many clients

Hi, guys

I am not sure about the best way to organize and manage several clients inside Fibery. If I create workspaces for each one, do I have limitation for share de apps or other? The best way to manage different clients inside Fibery is using filters? Some of you have this kind of organization?
Thanks a lot!

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Hi @guilhermeserr,
Just wondering what you mean by ‘managing clients inside fibery’?
Do you mean that you want different groups of people to have access to different subsets of data within the same database?
Or do you mean that you want to be able to offer the same (or similar) database structures to multiple clients (each with their own silo’ed data)?
Or maybe something else?

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That would be super useful! :grinning:

I have many Types that relate to my “Client” Type – Projects, Tasks, Meetings, etc.
I’d like to be able to use my Client Type as a “security restrictor” so it could automatically control access to all entities/Types to which it is related.

I would need to assign a “Client value” to each user/group, which must match an entity’s Client value for the user to have access to the entity.

So in my Client Type I would define its security function as:

Restrict access to all entities related to this Client type
by excluding all Users of class X
except where the User’s Client value matches the entity’s Client value.

Now I can have just one DB for all my clients, and their access permission is automatically handled everywhere.

I don’t have external clients, but have a similar need for internal user groups. In my case though, users can be members of more than one group.
I hope the Fibery team will start to release granular permissions functionality soon, and it’ll be great if they support these kinds of use cases - so much better to use access groups rather than defining them on an individual user level.

This is a part of Entity-level permissions
I hope we will implement it in the next 3-6 months, at least we’ll focus on permissions as soon as 2 core developers will be available (next week I hope)